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Housing Predictions for 2021

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Jordan Levine, the deputy chief economist for the California Association of Realtors, gave his 2021 forecast in December and expects the housing market to grow at 3.3% for next year with prices increasing by 4.4%. Most expect interest rates to remain virtually unchanged next year and that the 30-year fixed mortgage rate will hover around […]

Popular Out of State Affordable and Attractive Locations to Live


If people can work remotely than they can leave the more congested cities and head for the suburbs. Here are findings with three fourth of year over. The Northeast, the Midwest and the Mountain state rule. Check out more here: Not mentioned in the article for Californians flying out–is the popularity of Idaho, […]

Lightening, Fire & Smoke Can’t Keep a Great Market Down


The stats are in and never has the bay area market been hotter in sales corresponding with natural disasters, health issues and during an election year, too. The earnest pursuit of a sanctuary and a place to shelter from the trials and tribulations of 2020 is a shared one.

Popularity of Suburbs Increases in Covid 19 Landscape

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A new report from shows that amid the Coronavirus pandemic U.S.home buyers are increasingly looking for property in suburbs, particularly in the Northeast. The report specifically shows that during the second quarter of 2020, 51 percent of views on from urban residents in the 100 largest U.S. metros were of suburban listings in […]

Easing of Process in Home Purchaing During Health Quarantine


Trying to buy a home? Just a few extra precautions and it can be done. Although the COVID 19 outbreak has ground many industries to a halt and forced people across the country to shelter in place, Americans are still buying homes. For the week ended March 27 — even as large swaths of the […]



If you can work from home during social distancing you may be finding it challenging due to the fact that more than one of your household is also sharing the same space. Figure out how much is too much togetherness for you. While those who work in separate spheres from their spouse may romanticize the […]

Why Consider Buying over Renting?


With homeowners having 34 times the wealth of those renting, that in and of itself is a powerful reason to purchase a home. Some other interesting facts are homeowners reside at one address four times longer than renters. They have higher credit scores and more stable housing costs. The children of homeowners have higher graduation […]

Jobs Added in Most Bay Area Counties in December


Demand for housing increases this winter as most of the bay area continues to add jobs. Counties leading in adding to the workforce include Santa Clara and Alameda. This marks the 10th year of positive job growth.

News on the National Front: Predictions for 2020 Housing


Existing-home sales continue their steady pace. The sharp drop in mortgage rates since last year, combined with slower house-price growth, is providing them with a boost. Sales of existing homes rose 1.9%, to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.46 million. Compared with a year earlier, they are up 4.6%. But they have yet to regain […]

San Francisco Metro Area Summary Fall 2019


1. high employment and rising wages create fuel in rising home prices 2. demographics – lots of millennials buying and baby boomers selling 3. interest rates – on decline and expected to go down further 4. migration – slowed to keep prices stable 5. cost of business – extremely high 6. home prices – high […]